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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Submitted by: Kimberly Chadwick

Taken in Tucson, Az at Sweetwater Wetlands Jan 2010

Usually breeds in coniferous forests, they winter in a variety of wooded and brushy habitats. When foresting, oftern in groups with other small birds, it moves restlessly through vegetation with nervous flicks of its wings, frequently delivering its distinctive call.

This species regularly hover-gleans insects from the tips of branches. It is attracted to pishing and owl calls.

Comments (2)

Paula Dente Betz said:

Posted 4 years 23 weeks ago

Great capture, a very unique bird. :)

Kimberly Chadwick said:

Posted 4 years 27 weeks ago

Well due to the over zealous nature of my uploading, I have mis-labeled this image. This is in fact a Verdin! I apologize for the carelessness of my actions.

~ Kimberly P-Chadwick

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